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My Veterans Day week …Can’t keep quiet anymore

One of my readers brought to my attention that I have not written anything in a while.  I have been spending quite a bit of time in thought wrestling with numerous issues.  

 My Veterans Day and week was quite emotional this year.  I listened to many stories from vets from the current conflict and numerous conflicts past.  I shed many tears this week and said many prayers.  

 I grew up in a state with several major military installations and my own childhood town was a major marine and navy training base.  My neighbor and several church members were World War II vets and had numerous Viet Nam vets amongst other family and friends.  I grew up knowing many of these people who were dedicated, disciplined, hardworking and decorated American soldiers…many of which could not shut their eyes at night without having night sweats and nightmares… visions of scenes so horrific that I could never imagine.  These were also the quiet men, wise men who were constantly bringing me and my friends back to reality…..reminding us of things that were really important…..  I thank each of these men for the foundation that they gave me and the service they gave to this country.

It is this past that has caused me to be so incensed at some of the atrocities that have occurred over the last six years.  I don’t know if you have noticed but most of the people who have been the biggest defenders of this war, have never served.  They have not been injured, lost body parts, or experienced a single nightmare of fallen friends and enemies.  They tout support of our troops but do not provide necessary equipment for them to fight, do not provide enough medical benefits both physical and mental when they return home.And above all, have never listened to the knowledge and wisdom they provided before entering into this war.   

The one thing that I know about true soldiers is, you will never hear them complain.  They are duty driven and focused, no matter their politics.  They serve this country (its people and its values), not politicians.   

 I have said many times, that I am not a lover of war, but I do understand the necessity for reluctant conflicts at certain times.  I understood the need to go get Bin Laden, but am aghast at our actions in Iraq and the destabilization through out the Middle East partly due to past and present US policies.    

I have been one to remain quiet in the past… maybe it’s just age but I can do so no longer.   We do not support our troops by supporting wars, but by holding our politicians accountable for their actions. 



  Eric Palmieri wrote @

Great article. You say everything that needs to be said. You are so right, and I wish more people thought like you do. We do not support our troops by supporting wars.

Right on.

-Eric Palmieri

  Deanne wrote @

There is never a time for war. In a civilized society, human beings must refrain from barbaric ways of resolving conflict; this sends a horrible message to our children and to the world. If its okay to hunt a man like Laden, then where do you draw the line? Death is Death! Wrongful death, the result is the same, more death, death supported by this government gives more of the same…more death. All life is sacred, divine and meaningful and to suggest that because someone thinks differently and wears different clothing has a lower life value, is horribly mistaken!

  melissafrei wrote @

Eric, I apologize for just now getting around to acknowledging your comment. I have been traveling and am now catching up on my blogging. Thanks so much for drooping in and engaging in the discourse. I feel have found another kindred spirit out there.

  melissafrei wrote @

Deanne, I truly appreciate the sentiments that you express, but as unfortunate as it is, I do believe that under certain circumstances, war is required and justified. I do foresee a day when this will not be the case, but human beings must be vigilant and consciously evolve. It requires us to be self reflective and disciplined. I believe that we will eventually get there.

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