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The Candidates on Foreign Policy…..Let’s Re-Engage

I was against our invasion of IRAQ because I did not believe what I was being told about the reasons for going to war.  It goes without saying that our next president will have to possess strong foreign policy credentials.  But what exactly are those credentials?   

We have several candidates running with resumes that are filled with various experiences that could be quite advantageous for the times at hand.  We have senators, governors, representatives, actors, preachers, and mayors.  There are some who think that we should withdraw troops as soon as possible.  Then there are those who want to continue to surge.  And then there are those that want to surge and possibly take on a few more countries. 

There are those that say Americans have gotten the “war that we deserve” , because we as citizens have not been engaged.  We have been absent from the debate.  I just want to remind those of you out there that, just might not have remembered, that our foreign policy focus should be a lot wider in scope than “the war on terror” or IRAQ.  I don’t know if you have noticed lately about what is going on in Russia, the reluctant democracy or in the many other locations of the world that no longer simply embrace our wishes because we are bigger and have more weapons. 

We must begin to communicate with our neighbors respectfully. We in this country must remind ourselves that we are a young country.  Yes, we have been successful, but there are cultures that have been successful in there own right for thousands of years.  We must learn to respect the individuality of societies that have been where we are now; and usually, due to arrogance and hubris, have slid down the slippery slope of mediocrity and hypocrisy.   

What kind of foreign policy credentials am I looking for in the next president?  Here is my list: 

  • I will be looking for someone well versed in history.

  • Someone who has integrity and equally respects military capability and diplomacy, (the sticks and carrots of foreign policy).

  • I would hold in high esteem, those candidates that have served in our military and have diplomatic experience.

  • I will be looking for a candidate that places the security of this country first…. someone who will place human beings first, will act with wisdom and integrity and someone who has demonstrated strong judgment in dealing with foreign policy issues in the past. 

 How do they rank and where have they stood on this issue? 

  1. Bill Richardson

  2. John McCain 

  3. Joe Biden 

  4. Chris Dodd 

  5. John Edwards 

  6. Hillary Clinton 

  7. Barack Obama

Those that did not make this list, hold positions a little too far to the left or right for me.  Neighbors and friends, let us use a little judgment and wisdom here.  Let’s re-engage.

“The purpose of foreign policy is not to provide an outlet for our own sentiments of hope or indignation; it is to shape real events in a real world.”

 John Fitzgerald Kennedy


  The Hot Potato wrote @

Hello! Glad to have found your blog. I’m very concerned, because the fp creds you list for a presidential candidate reflect that you value wisdom, compassion, intelligence, and diplomacy. I would add to that integrity.

There is only one Democratic candidate who has a proven track record of all that you list, who has visited the Middle East and diplomatically met with leaders from countries there, who has been right about the lies regarding Iraq’s non-existent WMD’s from DAY 1.

This man is my candidate, Congressman Dennis Kucinich. He’s certainly NOT ” too far to the left” as the corporate media might have you believe. In fact, as the Representative of Cleveland, Ohio, he literally represents mainstream, middle America (not, say, Berkeley, California).

My candidate needs your help on December 15, 2007. Please check out

I hope you will be a truly educated voter and read href=”’s”>http://www.december152007.comKucinich’s 12 Point Plan For Iraq.

Biden revealed in the recent Black & Brown Presidential Forum that he had not yet read Kucinich’s Iraq Plan. We need to do better than that. We’ve got to end the daily bloodshed and horrible conditions in Iraq, and I’m not waiting until after 2013 like Obama, Edwards & Clinton will. Kucinich will bring the troops home now, including my boyfriend’s brother who was deployed to Iraq last Monday.

Thanks and peace to all.

  melissafrei wrote @

Sorry Hot Potato missed your comment because you were sent to spam. I personally think Dennis is our most progressive candidate and has a lot of great ideas. He just comes across a little too idealistic at times for me. He does bring up a host of issues that many of the other candidates never address. He would definitely shift the paradigm in this country.

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