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Why I am for Barack Obama

Why is this election like no other election that we have ever had in this country?  No, it’s not the gender / race thing.  This is the first election in the history of this country where we have had this number of individuals and states having a decisive say in who will be the president of the country.  In the past, a maximum of ten states were involved in selecting the party nominees.  Because the primaries were scheduled over such a wide span of time, most of the nominees had dropped out of the race before greater than three quarters of the country even held their primaries.  Since this was the case, those that even showed up to participate in the primaries were minimal. 

I personally believe that it is the definition of a democracy to have a plurality of the population participating in elections and the formation of solutions to its issues.  

This brings me to the reasons that I am supporting Barack Obama.   

Reason number 1:  Resistance to change is futile.  We have reached a point in time where this country will either look over our shoulders and accept what is occurring outside of our borders and make the necessary competitive adjustments to continue in this evolutionary marathon or we will keep our heads focused straight ahead and fall behind as the rest of the world sprints pass.   

We should be leading the world in solving some of the massive opportunities that are being presented to us in the form of global warming, terrorism, global economic, and resource utilization, along with disease and poverty.   

Barack Obama presents himself to me as a man that views the country and the world from a more wholistic perspective.  He seems to recognize that our way forward will depend less on a single leader and more on communities of American and world citizens to resolve the many looming issues on the horizon. 

He appears to possess a select skill set including strong organizational and leadership abilities that have been demonstrated throughout his campaign.  He appears to come from a place of diplomacy and respect for the ideas of others. 

But most of all for me, he appears to possess a temperament of calmness, confidence, and OPTIMISM that will be essential for the individual who resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.  We all know that this individual will be faced with a set of issues like none we have seen in the past.   

I am delighted to be an INDEPENDENT who has solid candidates to choose from.  My eyes are on the FUTURE.  This election will dictate the path we take as a country into the 21st century.  

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