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An Evolving Consciousness

Conscious Evolution

“Everybody counts in applying democracy. And there will never be a true democracy until every responsible and law-abiding adult in it, without regard to race, sex, color or creed has his or her own inalienable and unpurchasable voice in government”.
Carrie Chapman Catt

“Democracy is the ultimate, positive revolution because it gives each and every individual the power to control their lives. And we can work together to create a just, sustainable world”.
— Bill Blackman

 We as human beings have evolved physically.  We are healthier, we live long lives. We have evolved technically.  We have been to the moon; we can communicate with each other all over the planet.


Our next progression will be a spiritual, mental and emotional evolution.  This will have to be accomplished as individuals.  We must claim our own personal integrity, regardless of what our neighbor is doing. We must own ourselves……utilize a mental discipline and personal self restraint in our daily lives.  We must recognize our connectedness with the rest of the planet and the universe. 


Evolution is a slow process and I forget that this country is only 236 years old.  In that short time, we have accomplished much but there is so much more to do. 




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