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Ethics of Connectedness

Recently, I was listening to a conversation with Bill Bradley, ex Senator and author of “The New American Story” and he used the phrase, “Ethics of Connectedness”.   I have ruminated over the meaning of these words since I first heard them and find myself in awe of the very idea of an ethic of connectedness.

He seemed to be making the point that, “we are all in this boat together” and “we will either sink or swim together”.  This does sound rather basic, but how simply true.

What if we arose tomorrow morning and we looked out into the world and realized that we were connected to everything in it.  We were not some separate and disconnected unit, but as a grain of sand on a beach, we were apart of a larger landscape.  Would our behavior change?

I find that I must re-educate myself on so many levels as I embrace my connectedness to universe.  How does this apply you ask to politics, since I do write a political blog? 

One, I am being challenged more everyday to respect difference in others and at the same time embrace my own individuality.  There are things that I am firm about for me and me only.  These are my truths.  At the same time, I can respect the right of another individual to hold their own truths and not seek to be influenced or influence the other party. 

For example, spirituality.  I describe myself as a deeply spiritual person but not religious.  I fail to see how my relationship with my higher power depends on your behavior.  Or, why my success must mean that you must be or have less, or if I win, you loose.

I look at our politics and our political choices and they make no sense.  I cannot for the life of me understand:

  • How one could blow up a building to protect the life of an unborn child, but will not provide a dime to feed or educate a child that is already born.

  • How we spend more money to imprison people but will not spend less money to educate them.

  • Why we do not have a voting machine, like a cash register, that allows you to ring up your candidate (vote for your candidate) and then keep a copy of the receipt and place the other copy in a box.  At the end of the night, verify the count by comparing the paper totals to the computer totals.  Now, for someone to tell me that we can’t do this with a candidate but we can do it for a candy bar……

  • Why we are not ensuring that every child in this country can compete for jobs with the children of China or India

  • Why we are not leading the world in green innovation

Just a few of the things I just don’t understand.