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What is at stake in the 2008 election

What is at stake in this 2008 election?  It seems that someone, in every election, reminds us that we are at some crossroad…..that this is a critical time in history.  Some could say this about every moment in time however, since at each moment each of us is making a choice about something, whether small or large, that will affect some future outcome.

I know. “Where is she going with this”?  Believe it or not, taxes, fiscal accountability, and healthcare.  This has been a subject that I have been avoiding due to the simple fact that I really don’t know where to start.  So, let me just start with myself.   

Let’s say my life is the country.  I have my mortgage, insurance, set asides for maintenance and upkeep on the house (infrastructure and security).  Then I have transportation, education, health care cost.  You see where I am going with this, I hope.  These are all the things that we face as a country and a community.  Now, if I could just print more money as I needed it, or if I spent more money than I had, you and I know where this would put me.  Yes, on the street or in jail.  

Well, this is what our government is doing.  I think that we all know this, but we just keep our heads in the sand and hope for the best.  I wonder how we would approach this issue with an evolved consciousness.  My hope is that, first we would begin to be honest about our situation.  We would not look to blame others or seek an easy solution, but proceed to resolve our financial planning the way that we as individuals do in our everyday life.  How do we get back on track so that we can have a prosperous, healthy and sustained future?   

David Walker, the Comptroller General, of the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) has been traveling throughout the country trying to educate the American people regarding the status of our fiscal health.  He is a glowing example of one who has placed citizenship over partisanship demonstrating an evolving consciousness.   

Where do we come in?  One would hope that we would not take the extreme approaches of “spend more” or “no taxes”.   Each of these approaches alone would only serve to separate us and leave us in a stalemate to creating a solution. We would also need to elect people with keen perspicacity and sound judgment who would utilize resources like the GAO and act with courage to move us into a future that reflects well on those of us who can actually make a difference at this place in history.  

Let’s be honest, we will have to:

  1. Cut spending in places that will be painful. 

  2. Insist on more transparency in government spending to eliminate waste and corruption. 

  3. Invest in our future to invigorate productivity.  Invest more in research and development, education, and infrastructure to stimulate the growth that we need to support a robust fiscal recovery. 

All of these things will be required.  Do not let our ignorance, egos and fears prevent our descendents from experiencing the American dream.