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NPR Democratic debate

The NPR Democratic debate in Iowa was a smashing success.  I personally think that this format allowed in depth discussion and rebuttal from the candidates.  The moderators, Robert Siegel, Michele Norris, and Steve Inskeep of NPR posed thoughtful and serious questions.  The topics were narrowed down to three: Iran, Immigration, and China.   

The ideas of Dennis Kucinich on the enormous trade deficit with China that is funding the Iraq war and his consistent stance against the war in Iraq were front and center.  I am beginning to take him more seriously.  Many of his positions have been seen as extreme left wing positions in the past but are beginning to be at least discussed by the “mainstream candidates”.  He is one of the candidates, along with Barack Obama, Bill Richardson, John Edwards, and Chris Dodd who present ideas outside of the box.    

Hillary Clinton did not fare well with a discussion regarding Iran and the just released NIE. Joe Biden described the designation of the Revolutionary Guard as a terrorist organization as self defeating because we continue to alienate the rest of the world. 

Biden, Dodd, and Kucinich always present the most consistent views on foreign policy along with Bill Richardson who was not present at this debate.   

I hope that you will take the opportunity to listen to the debate or read the transcript. 

Thanks to NPR