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The Potomac Primaries – Simply Evolve

The overarching variable in this election is exhaustion.  Exhaustion from lies, back room dealing, lack of ethical behavior and out and out criminal behavior.  I have been pleased with my choices of candidates in this election.  I feel for Senator Clinton because I realize that she just does not understand why she is not faring better in this election. She should not take it personally however.             

The “everyman”, regardless of party, gender, race, age, Dunkin Doughnuts or Starbucks crowd and what ever other box that the people who think they know put us in, is simply tired.  We are beginning to WAKE UP.  We are beginning to understand the “game” as it is described by the pundits. 

We want someone with their own mind in Washington, DC.  They don’t have to do everything exactly as we say, but they do need to act like they know that they work for US, the CITIZENS of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA and not conglomerates, corporations, or extremist of either kind.  They need to present us with the challenges and let us demonstrate that we truly are the greatest nation in the world because of the ideals and values that we say we believe in. 

We want to participate in our Democracy.  We want someone with vision and someone who expects something from us, instead of dividing us and stealing from all of us.            

I personally have the utmost respect for Senator Clinton and Ex- President Clinton, but I will be voting for either Barack Obama or John McCain in November.  That is because I do not want to wake up the day after the election to more of the same nightmare that we have faced for the last 30 years.  Let me at least experience a new dream or at least a different nightmare.          

Both of these people appear to go against the grain.  I do not want a safe bet, the same tactics, or the same people.  Yes, I still have concerns with each of these people. 

I am concerned who John McCain would put in his cabinet.  I trust him to not spend taxpayer dollars like he has lost his mind and I trust him not to pull us out of IRAQ too quickly.  Even though the current administration lied us into the war, we still owe it to IRAQ and the region to assist in cleaning up the mess that we made.            

I trust that Barack Obama will simply change the way that we conduct business.  He will respect the rights of other countries and value their sovereignty.  He will push diplomacy and community in this country as well as the world. 

          Senator Clinton on the other hand has programs from A to Z.  She knows bureaucracy.  We cannot legislate our evolution.