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The Presidential Candidates….a real opportunity

The pundits have narrowed the fields in both the Republican and Democratic races.  For the first time since I have been old enough to vote, I actually feel that I have choices. I am sincerely hoping that we do not buy into the media hype that is being played out on the political stage.  This race is not just between those candidates that the establishment has elected to toss money and support to.  We still have a wide open race and we will have that until the last primary takes place. 

Candidates like Bill Richardson , Joe Biden and John McCain have impeccable foreign policy credentials.  They each have laid out in detail their philosophies regarding foreign policy and how they would proceed to rebuild our relationships around the world.  The War on Terror has ignited hot spots all over the globe from Pakistan, Turkey, Afghanistan, to Georgia 

Others like Dennis Kucinich, Mike Huckabee, Ron Paul and Chris Dodd appear to possess a true integrity and would make every attempt to do what is in the best interest of the country and not their individual parties.  

 I was rather surprised and delighted with the American people in the 2006 midyear election.  We demonstrated that we can move government when we truly have the will to do so.   I am mentally laying out my priorities for what I would like to see the next administration focus on and perhaps that will allow me to get somewhat closer to who I am going to support. 

  • Foreign Policy issues will more than likely be at the forefront of American politics for some time to come so my candidate must have a strong foreign policy background.  It will be essential that we elect someone who has the ability to speak the language of diplomacy and at the same time possess the experience and wisdom that will allow them to execute policy decisions.

  • Possessing a strategic economic domestic vision is also extremely important to me.  By this, I do not mean more of the same stances of globalization, importing goods and exporting jobs.  I would like to see a well managed trade policy and a refocus of education in this country.  We need someone who will not put the interest of multinational corporations and profits before the people of this country.

  • Next, I would want someone who is GREEN thinking.  How can we become a leader in the world on environmental practices and innovation?  We should be first in producing new forms of energy and transportation. 

  • Finally, I want someone who is serious about Universal Healthcare.

We have a real OPPORTUNITY to shift the POLITICAL PARADIGM in our country. That is…..if we have the WILL and the COURAGE to take a stand.